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LUXURIFY in-hotel
guest experience

Increase your ratings and revenue
by investing on what your guests really want

Benefits Benefits and touch points that frequent travelers said they want now

No-wait, hassle-free airport to hotel ride (uber/lyft)

Your frequent guests want to come to your hotel without having to stare at multiple cars to identify their ride. We meet your guest in-person at airport on your behalf.

No wait in TSA line for royal guest

Your frequent guests love memberships that combat with airport lines. Win their loyalty by saving a spot at the airport TSA line and saying bye before they leave town.

Exclusive events for bay area traveler

Bay area guests seem to like networking and tech events. We make it easy for your guests to request, vote and attend exclusive events with their business colleagues.

Local hosts virtual interaction

For guests who are social and like a bit of local airbnb while staying in secure hotel environment, we offer local bay area virtual hosts who beat any yelp or google search

Personal executive travel assistant

For guests who don't have their office assistant traveling with them, we provide an executive assistant to help organize business and corporate meetings at right venues

Voice of you and your customer

We are a company by, of and for travelers. After talking to hundreds of bay area travelers like us at airports and hotels, we started this company to add value to travelers

Incredibly powerful features Features that your guests want, with no software to download (app coming soon)

How does it work?

"Don't find customers for your services, find services for your customers"

Hotels don't sell rooms or service. Guests buy unique experience from hotels as part of their business/leisure trip Remember the first day in your career, when you became in-charge and wanted to change the world one guest at time ... we enable that by providing technology and people as a service for you to touch the life of every guest that checks-in at your hotel(s).

STEP 1: Talk to us to learn more about this program. You get to learn what we learned from talking to hundreds of bay area frequent travelers. You also learn about the new innovative business models and services that are being created.
STEP 2: Talk to your friendly customers (frequent guests), whom you can trust for honest feedback. Ask them who'd be a good user for these type of service. Please, don't plainly give this away and force people to experiment. Talk to your management (if required).
STEP 3: Just like the old smartphone plans, that provide "talk minutes" as a unit of service, we provide "traveler minutes" as the unit of our service. Traveler minutes can either be pre-paid or pay-as-you-go (monthly). The time directly spent by any of our staff exclusively for your hotel guest in-person (at airport) or working on their requests via text (SMS) or phone call would be deducted from your 'Traveler minutes'. Choose how much 'Traveler Minutes' you need and what is each traveler maximum per day.
STEP 4: You could manually, send us the list of your guests (or guest loyalty levels) whom you want to add to this program, OR we could integrate with your PMS or other equivalent systems.
STEP 5: We provide weekly report on the minutes used, travelers benefited by the program. We also provide monthly report per traveler on their usage metrics.

Our solutions

Traveler Minutes Service

People as a service

Reward guests with their own personal host & concierge to go

* Provide hassle-free uber/lyft from airport to your hotel
* Local hosts to guide about places and events near hotel
* Personal executive travel assitant for road warriors
* 24/7 guest support: 1800 toll-free call, and text
* Networking and social events for travellers
* Get your guest ahead at airport lines when they leave town

Guest App service

Software as a service

Serve guests anywhere they need you using our communications gateway

* Create new hotel app or add-on to existing app
* Guest and hotel use text/SMS, video and audio chat
* Multi-level responders at local hotel and call centers

Full service

People and software as a service

Platform merging mobile & in-person guest experience

* Location sensors predict in-person services (e.g.) meet-n-greet
* System at real-time manages most in-person interactions matching right staff for interacting with each guest
* System can orchestrate a sequence of guest interaction points
* System tries to create an illusion of "dedicated host" relationship between each guest and their preferred staff.
* System provides engagement metrics for each guest and staff.

Invest on in-person guest touchpoints where frequent guests really need your service today

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